Matt Bird CEO of CommPro Ranked Top 10 Most Influential Media and Communications Executive for UN SDGs

In recent news the United Nations has a new agency champion, CommPro Agency Chief Strategy Officer Matt Bird has been ranked 3rd most influenctial media and communicaitons exuetive for impact – having put his skills, experience adn agancy to work for the UN SDGs on heals of Media for impact summit. The media for impact Top10 highlights the important work these 10 individuals do through their companies and agencies. All those honored were attendees selected from the media for social impact summit and since then have implemented resources and or launched campaigns to promote the SDGs globally. The ranking system to identify the Top 10 media for social impact Leaders was based on key SDG initiatives and strategic weighting of execution, influence, and contribution.

From the report:

Ranked #3. Matthew Bird — President, CommPro Worldwide (Agency)
At #3, Matthew Bird is recognized for his exceptional media and communication advisory work with numerous UN departments in support of the SDGs and ESG campaigns. Since the Media for Social Impact Summit, Matthew Bird has been arguably the most influential communications leader. He quickly became a key strategic media and public relations advisor, Since 2015 Matthew Bird and his firm [CommPro] have delivered some of the most successful executions in the history of the United Nations. Amongst other initiatives, CommPro Agency supported the Sustainable Stock Exchange (SSE) event (s), a dozen heads-of-state, UN Secretary Generals, and Foreign Presidents, delivering flawless brand integration and execution for United Nations UNCTAD.

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