59tattoo x GrowthRing & Supply Capsule Collection

Following a collaboration with WMT Watches for its Faded Dragon Dial release, GrowthRing & Supply has now returned with the latest in its “Project Rising” initiative. This time around, the GRS brand has now teamed up with tattoo artist Marcus Yuen of 59tattoo to explore the aesthetics of traditional Hong Kong tattoos. Marcus Yuen is known as an experienced tattoo artist that has established his style of combining traditional Hong Kong and American traditional tattoo styles, resulting in a unique style of tattoo art that is uniquely Hong Kong.

The 59tattoo x GrowthRing & Supply capsule collection features the Dragon In Clouds Overprint Shirt and Dragon Phoenix Overprint Shirt. The photo overprint shirts are specially tailored and utilize high-quality printing techniques for a brilliant graphic display. Launching a collaborative relationship, 59tattoo and GrowthRing & Supply are set to continue highlighting the unique charm of Hong Kong tattoo culture to create interest in the city’s culture and creativity.

Limited to just 100 pieces of each style, pre-orders for the Dragon In Clouds Overprint Shirt and Dragon Phoenix Overprint Shirt is available now on GrowthRing & Supply’s website, with shipping set for some time near the end of July.

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