ECCO Leather Launches EL3 Vault

Offering its innovative leathers to the world, ECCO Leather has launched the “EL3 Vault.” The initiative is a stock shop open to the public and emerging designers to help reduce the waste of the production of materials, the biggest contributor to fashion’s environmental impact. The EL3 Vault is part of ECCO’s design and sustainability drive to reach carbon neutrality by 2028.

Offered to emerging designers, students and more, ECCO Leather’s EL3 Vault offers a vast array of leather options and hundreds of premium stock items from its design studio in small quantities. The online platform is purposely functional and designed to push the creative process, as the conceptual vision digital palettes of luxe leathers, treated surfaces, and colors can be filtered by theme

Christine Mukakasa, Head of ECCO Leather’s Design Studio explains the thinking, “Every day we come into contact with many young and established designers, and it gives me so much joy to be able to offer them a space to discover and hunt for special leather pieces, giving them the opportunity to work with this amazing material.”

“The EL3 vault will provide a massive difference to the industry as there aren’t a lot of public facing suppliers accessible for young and small designers. Moreover, ECCO Leather is a type of leather that is almost impossible to find elsewhere. It helps push you as a designer, and understand the limits of natural fabrications on another level,” said designer Bianca Saunders.

“The EL3 Vault looks like what I needed some years ago when I started my journey in the sneaker game, remembering how all the doors of the supply chain looked very closed to a young guy that only wanted to make a prototype without a big company badge,” explains Michael Cutini, Co-Owner of Ral7000Studio.

The EL3 Vault is now open on ECCO Leather’s website.

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