First Look at Vintage Golf Shop Pluto of St Andrews

There’s a ton of interesting new stuff being made in golf. Whether it’s spiked Jordans, FootJoy collabs, apparel from Malbon, Metalwood Studio and Students Golf, there’s something for pretty much everybody these days. But as much as people like to hate on yesterday’s golf trends now, there’s also a lot of good product from the past. You just have to go back a bit further. That’s exactly what Roberto “Tiko” Abitbol has done with his new brand Pluto of St Andrews, which just launched today.

Tiko, as he likes to be called, formerly held a position at Palace, which gives him instant street cred. He then moved to St Andrews, Scotland, the Home of Golf, to follow his passion and start a new company whose primary engine will be selling vintage and upcycled golf apparel, shoes, bags, clubs and the like. There will also be some new product as well, but the site will be primarily a treasure trove of vintage golf gear that will excite the nerdiest of golf nerds.

Think FootJoy Classics, Zero Restriction Gore-Tex, Nike Golf blades and original PING L8 bags. Other offerings will be in the category of non-golf brands that you can wear on the course like Supreme and, you guessed it, Palace. Taking things up a notch, look out for luxury brands like Missoni, Miu Miu and Ralph Lauren. Rounding out the store will be new Pluto of St Andrews (PoSA) gear like knitted polos, hats and trousers, while vintage blanks will be branded with the PoSA logo.

The logo? It’s a nine year old Great Dane, his name is Pluto and he belongs to Tiko. Queue the sentimental music, a percentage of every sale will go towards Perthshire Abandoned Dog Society, a dog shelter located not far from St Andrews. We wish Pluto tons of happy walks out on St Andrews Links.

The website will launch on Friday, July 21, and then the first release will come on July 26. Drops will arrive every two weeks and will be a mixture of vintage, new and upcycled product.

In other fashion news, Born X Raised co-founder Alex “2Tone” Erdmann has shared plans for the brand’s future.

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