France “Repair Bonus” Scheme Info

There is no denying that fashion waste impacts all areas of the environment. The fashion industry produces billions of clothes annually, with thousands of garments discarded to landfills if not sold. As global warming continues to impact our everyday lives, France is the first country to step up to the plate by proposing a “repair bonus” scheme beginning later this year.

France wants to combat the waste crisis through a new initiative that gives consumers cash to fix their clothing instead of tossing them away. French citizens who bring their clothing in for repairs will be awarded €6 to €25 EUR contingent on its fabric and restoration complexity.

The local government will pay all bonuses from its €154m EUR sustainability fund over the next five years, hoping to continue the effort over the coming decades. The project aims to cut clothing waste by encouraging consumers to purchase high-quality apparel to last a lifetime. Furthermore, the program will increase activity for French tailors and shoemakers, allowing all stores to enter the venture free of charge.

In other fashion news, the LABRUM x GUINNESS summer collection enjoys a pint streetside.

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