HBX Foxtrot Uniform “Of the Highest Quality”

Singapore-based sneaker brand Foxtrot Uniform has teamed up with HBX for the release of socks that will “take your sneakers back in time.” The collection, entitled “Of the Highest Quality.!” pays homage to the brand’s iconic imprint, which was first introduced on the midsoles of the Air Jordan 1s they had manufactured for Nike.

Bringing this imprint back, the Korean characters are incorporated into the designs. Arriving in dark mocha, black, or sand, each colorway references an important facet or sneaker silhouette in the brand’s history. The mocha brown is based on the Travis Scott Jordan 1 High Cactus Jack, while the black version nods to the Black Tor of AJ-1s, with the sand color drawing inspiration from the 1985 “Of the Highest Quality” aged midsoles.

In an exclusive interview with HBX exclusive, Foxtrot Uniform’s brand representative recalls how the collaboration had come to fruition. “It all happened when we were sole swapping a pair of vintage Jordan 1s,” he says, “I’ve seen the Korean script from another restorer before and was very shocked to have found one myself. We then posted a picture and the Korean community was so helpful and even helped with the typeface and translation. It became a hot topic for a while.” He further elaborates that the initial plan was to recreate the imprint on the insoles, but this was scrapped for socks instead, which would allow the imprint to be more visible.

The black and dark mocha colorways can be individually purchased on HBX for around $20 USD. Meanwhile, the sand color is only available as a gift-with-purchase for sneaker orders over $180 USD. Read the complete interview here.

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