Jacquemus, CPFM, 15 Other Brands Maui Fundraising T-Shirt

On August 8, multiple uncontrollable wildfires displaced thousands of Maui residents, while also devastating the city’s historic seaside community of Lahaina. Three weeks after the fire, the current death toll is still unclear, but has stood at 115 for several days, making this deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in more than a century. Brands like Brain Dead, Jacquemus and Cactus Plant Flea Market have come together to support the fundraise initiative, Maui On My Mind, which aims to provide immediate financial relief to those affected by the ongoing wildfires burning on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

To aid the ongoing efforts Hawaii-based creative studio passionfruit has joined forces with the aformentioned brands and 14 other brands to create a collaborative t-shirt designed by native Hawaiian Kapono Chung of Combo. The other labels involved with this collaboration include Adish, Barragan, Combo, ECOCYCLE, Hawthorne, Kaiao Space, Luar, Mauna Loa, Moon Collective, No. 808, Salvage Public, Sig Zane, and Waialae Sportswear. All of these labels have lent their logos to be printed as part of the t-shirt design. Seeing the different brands come together is a testament to passionfruit’s community and is their way of honoring the Hawaiian “aloha” spirit, which is a word for love, affection, peace and compassion.

100% of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales will be donated to the Kākoʻo Maui Fund by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement to provide immediate aid to the local communities impacted by the Maui wildfires. The t-shirt is available online.

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