Jimmy Butler Files “Himmy Buckets” Clothing Trademark

Jimmy Butler is showing no signs of stopping, both on and off the court. Almost immediately after he led the Miami Heat to the NBA Finals, the star forward is already thinking ahead, looking at other ventures beyond basketball.

According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, Butler has filed for a “Himmy Buckets” trademark. In a Tweet, Gerben outlined what the patent and trademark would be for, pointing at Butler’s preparation to launch potential apparel and F&B projects. The new trademark indicates that Butler has plans to launch a “Himmy Buckets” brand for non-alcoholic products like coffee, soda, bottled water, teas and more. The trademark also includes beer, clothing and beverage merchandise like coffee cups, tea cups and mugs.

The trademark name appears to play off Butler’s “Jimmy Buckets” nickname as well las the “he’s him” meme phrase that has garnered much attention on social media. By combining his nickname and the popular meme, “Himmy Buckets” is born. Take a look at Gerben’s full Tweet below. It is uncertain when this project will come to fruition. Butler and the Miami Heat face off against the Denver Nuggets in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on June 1.

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