JW Anderson Studs Capsule Release Info

Ever since Jonathan Anderson founded JW Anderson in 2008, the brand has pushed the boundaries of high-end fashion with everything from a frog clog created with Wellipets to Carrie capsule with MGM. Now, expounding upon the delightfully irreverent styles it introduced at Milan Fashion Week back in January, the London label is set to release its “Studs” Capsule in celebration of Pride month: a slew of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories, all highlighting the totally ripped torsos of faceless vintage male models.

T-shirts, underpinnings and polo shirts feature the anonymous model’s frame across the front, with his head appropriately cropped right below the neckline. The faceless model is mostly frozen in welcoming poses, with a multitude of the pieces spotlighting him with open arms, ready to embrace.

It’s this exact theme that transcends all of Anderson’s “Studs” pieces and makes the capsule greater than the sum of its parts. While the graphics draw you in, the collection’s self-appointed “feel free to say hi” mantra is what emphasizes its overarching theme. The five-word slogan is emblazoned in orange across the center of black cotton classic fit hoodie, as well as the similarly designed crewneck t-shirt.

Though the apparel is eye catching, it’s the lively accessories that steal the show. Tote bags and baseball caps are printed with a model’s tanned torso, while penis, heart and keyhole-inspired key rings show more faceless models in a variety of poses.

The capsule is now available to shop on the brand’s webstore, as well as at JW Anderson Soho in London and JW Anderson in Milan.

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