Maison Margiela’s Idea of a Belt Is a Set of Dirty Laces

Just about anything can be high fashion these days, with the right marketing behind it, of course.

Long has Maison Margiela capitalized on the messy, yet chic aesthetic. From the brand’s paint-splattered motif to the distressed effect on its shoes, the luxury label has always prioritized deconstruction and aged elements for its avant-garde style. Creative Director John Galliano often finds the beauty in imperfections. In a rare interview from 2016, Galliano spoke to Business of Fashion and said that when it comes to creativity, “Imperfection opens many more avenues to travel down.” At the time, he was just two years into his creative director tenancy at the house and he said, “I’m not yet in my full stride in Maison Margiela. But I’m more in the moment, doing the best that I can and leaving options open. It’s done with joy, it’s done with passion.”

Well, the mindset surrounding imperfection and creativity certainly holds true in the current day and age. Even in the slightest of details, such as the “Lace Belt,” Galliano aims to seek the beauty in imperfection. The website indicates that the accessory is, “Complete with the Margiela logo, the lace-style belt is tied for an adjustable fit.” At a quick glance, the accessory appears to be a simple white lace that seems to be completely dirty from overuse. Near the aglet, the “MARGIELA” branding appears to be written in faded permanent marker, matching the stained look of the lace belt.

While to some it may be absurd to sell a DIY-like piece as high fashion, those who have grown to appreciate the art of Galliano may see this as a satirical nod to the luxury fashion industry. Nonetheless, the accessory lace-belt is available for purchase for $180 USD online at Maison Margiela for those who are interested.

In other fashion news, Pharrell’s JOOPITER presents its first dedicated high jewelry auction.

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