Mattel’s Official ‘Barbie’ Merch Is Perfect For Summer

Mattel has materialized some of our favorite parts of Barbie World, bringing a range of concepts from Barbie to life in its new line of merchandise. The toy manufacturing company revealed a catalog of official Barbie products ranging from clothing – dad hats, t-shirts and muscle tanks – and a plethora of hot pink home goods and summer essentials.

A slew of slogan-ed hoodies showcases quotable movie moments such as “I am Kenough”, “Best. Day. Ever.” and “Only the Barbies can save us now.” T-shirts and muscle tanks see similar designs, with silhouettes stylizing “Ken-rgy”, “Every night is girls’ night”, “Weird Barbie is my Barbie” and “Hi Allan”, alongside a line of products that reign more simple in design, branded solely with the Barbie logo. Crewneck sweatshirts see embroidered monograms on the top corner – a blue colorway for Ken and a pink colorway for Barbie. Visors, dad hats and bucket hats – in monochromatic, tie-dye and denim styles – are available as well.

Home goods including mugs and mousepads, both of which spotlight similar notable lines and moments from the film. Additional accessories are ideal for Barbies on the move this summer – such as drawstring bags, fanny packs and beach towels.

What would an official Barbie merch line be without a handful of Barbie-themed dolls? Mattel offers eight unique Barbie dolls – three Barbie outfits, two Ken outfits, and three signature Barbie characters from the film – alongside Barbie’s pink convertible. A Mega Barbie The Movie Replica DreamHouse Building Kit is available for purchase for $150 USD as well.

Check out some of Mattel’s Barbie collection in the gallery above, and view the full line of official merch on Mattel’s website.

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