Reese Cooper for Kenny Beats Coachella Fit

For weekend 1 of Coachella 2023, Kenny Beats took over the Sahara tent on Saturday Boiler Room-style with his friends joining him on stage.

“Got the opportunity to create bespoke looks for Kenny Beats for Coachella 2023. I met Kenny last year on the same stage he performed at when we did the look for Vince Staples, a nice full circle moment,” Cooper wrote on his website.

The look consisted of a duck canvas field jacket and work pants which were adorned with RC’s usual mix of nature inspirations. This time, the leafy floral prints consisted of flowers, plants, and sticks Cooper collected off the ground on a recent trip to Palm Springs.

“We photograph everything and then similar to the watercolour prints, spend a long time manipulating each element to make it fit together like a jigsaw puzzle,” Cooper revealed. “We then digital print onto the natural duck canvas, cut the new patterns tailored to Kenny & sew it. Finished with a handwritten label cut from a piece of scrap fabric.”

For more exciting music-fashion crossovers, RC recently released its SS23 “SEED & SOIL” runway show score by KAYTRANADA with narration by Vince Staples on Soundcloud.

Reese Cooper is now working on a new look for weekend 2. Take a look into the process above and find more production diaries and content at the Reese Cooper Newsstand.

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