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Designed with alpine scenery and festivities in mind, founder and designer Andreas Steiner set to refine and celebrate mountain attire for RIER’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

Aligning with Steiner’s signature approach in decontextualizing heritage luxury, while nodding to his roots in Italy’s South Tyrol region, the collection also celebrates Steiner’s love and penchant for pure mountain essentialism. Having lived in the Alps during his childhood, the designer draws from these memories to craft a collection that nods to alpine ceremonial wardrobes, with a dose of utilitarian and rural modesty.

Comprising 18 unisex looks, the collection can be viewed as three different chapters that make up alpine spring outdoor ceremonies. With the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, RIER also premieres its new ceremonial day shirts, now boasting a cropped cut, cuff-less sleeves, as well as an open-back variation. The brand also introduced the timeless staple knickerbocker featuring a functional silhouette and a corduroy construction. As for footwear, Ludwig Reiter also collaborated with RIER to offer the open leather sandal in three essential colorways.

Take a closer look at the new collection from RIER in the gallery above.

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