Shon Mott Explores the Resurrection of the God Íkaro for SS23

Rising Spanish brand Shon Mott is currently celebrating the release of its clean-cut Spring/Summer 2023 collection — and it’s doing so by connecting with Barcelona-based 3D studio Misato to present a brand-new fashion-focused film to represent the resurrection of the god Íkaro.

For Shon Mott, the Spanish imprint is a brand that aims to be loved and remembered, with its clean-cut and understated silhouettes taking inspiration from the beauty and rhythm of the Mediterranean Sea.

The new film is based on the myth of Plato’s cave, while it also marks the inner awakening of the character as he begins to melt and transform the environment alluding to his caved residence.

Now, in celebration of the release of Shon Mott’s new collection, the new video represents the summer season while interacting with the 3D environment and the three stages of life; youth, adulthood, and old age.

You can take a look at the new Misato x Shon Mott video above and in other fashion news, check out the new HEAT mystery boxes.

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