THUG CLUB Seoul Flagship Announcement

Bursting onto the scene, Seoul-based high-end streetwear label Thug Club has seen a meteoric rise with its evocative and irreverent releases. Garnering a loyal following, Thug Club has now announced the upcoming opening of its first flagship store. The experiential location in Seoul is set to serve as both a showroom and store highlighting TC’s seasonal collections and collaborative offerings with an array of brands.

Setting up in Itaewon’s Gyeongridan-gil, the flagship location is designed with an exterior and interior that is reminiscent of a castle from medieval times. The washed facade is paired with large windows, cutouts, torches, and stainless steel decorations that evoke the outlook of the “TC Castle.” Up the steps and through the door, the interior is outfitted with large speakers, speaking to the music inspiration behind the brand.

Take a first look at THUG CLUB’s Seoul flagship set to officially open July 15. The opening of the location will also be accompanied by the release of THUG CLUB’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection, which will also be available at over 40 retailers throughout the world this month.

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