2023-24 Cambodian Premier League Format Announced

2023-24 Cambodian Premier League

As promised the draw for the 2023-24 Cambodian Premier League was held today, meaning we now know who will play who and more importantly what the format of the competition will be.

The draw was held today (June 30th) at the Raintree Building with limited media invited to the event.

To read about getting media accreditation for the CPL click here

Cambodian Premier League Format – How many rounds will there be?

Controversially, but unsurprisingly clubs will play three rounds of matches meaning 27 in total.

As per last season this will mean some teams playing more home games against “hard” teams, while other get more “hard” away matches, with some clubs already voicing concerns about the draw.

Cambodian Premier League Format – Will there be playoffs?

In a format that would have pleased even Ted Lasso there will also be playoffs for the top 4 clubs to decide who will be the eventual 2023-24 CPL champion.

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The format of this is to be the same as last season.

Will there be relegation playoffs?

The decision about if there will be relegation playoffs has yet to be made, with the league deciding to hold off until the fact format of CPL 2 has been decided.

It is though expected that the bottom team of the CPL with playoff against the top licensed team from CPL 2. This could mean a team that finishes as low as 5th place, or simply no promotion, or relegation.

Reaction to Cambodian Premier League Format

Overall one of lack of surprise, with three rounds and playoffs being the expected route of the CPL.

Opinions on the wisdom of the format have largely been mixed, with some feeling that two 8 team divisions would have been better, while others have stated that an larger 14-16 team Cambodian Premier League would have made more sense. In both instance clubs could have at least played each other an even amount of time.

And as for the playoffs…….

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