2023 ASEAN Para Games Draws to a Close

2023 ASEAN Para Games

After much fanfare the 2023 ASEAN Para Games, also known as the 12th ASEAN Games and Cambodia 2023 has drawn to a close. Were the games a success though and who were the winners and losers? Here’s everything you need to know.

2023 ASEAN Para Games

Cambodia 2023 was the 12th incarnation of the ASEAN Para Games, which is for all intents the South-East Asian equivalent to the Paralympics. Para standing for parallel, rather than denoting disability.

Range of sports and and indeed disabilities varied, with the overall onus being on inclusivity for disabled members of society.

Which sports were at the 2023 ASEAN Para Game

In total there were 14 events, which included cross-para games, speciality sports such as wheelchair basketball and blind football, as well as purely Asian fare such as Goalball.

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In total there were over 2400 athletes from 11 ASEAN nations taking part, with the amount of athletes sent by each nation varying. Cambodia had the third most amount of participants on 252 beaten only by Indonesia (268) and Thailand (304).

Who were the winners?
2023 ASEAN Para Games

Without wanting to be too cliche, but sport really was the winner here. From a national perspective Vet Chantha and the wheelchair basketball teams were our most high profile winners, but also team Cambodia as a whole managing to get 70 medals up from 27 at the last games will certainly be considered a success for the hosts.

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From a medals point of view it went down as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam as the top 3 (also with the top 3 populations), with the bottom 3 being Brunei, Timor-Leste and Laos.

Cambodia finished a commendable 8th place and can rightly chalk this up as a firm success.

And the 2023 ASEAN Para Games a whole?

Once again Cambodia has proved it can host a successful tournament, with the 2023 Para Games coming right after the successful SEA Games. The Kingdom showed their heart, compassion and love of sport by putting just as much effort into ensuring that the Para Games were equally as successful.

Hopefully the net result of this will be the wider world seeing Cambodia for what it is today, a friendly welcoming up and coming economic power, rather than associate it with the pain of the past.

And ideally this newfound international respect will mean that 2023 Cambodia will merely be the start of more high profile events being hosted within the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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