2023 Cambodian Super Cup to Be Played At National Olympic Stadium

2023 Cambodian Super Cup

The 2023 Cambodian Super Cup will be hosted at the National Olympic Stadium according to announcement from the Cambodian Premier League (CPL). The news comes after a few weeks of speculation about where the game would be held.

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The final is set to be held on July 30th, although as for a starting time, that is still TBC (to be confirmed), although with the stadium having floodlights, we are predicting a 7pm kick-0ff – you read it here first.

What’s the deal with the National Olympic Stadium?

Steeped in history the National Olympic Stadium was renovated for the recent SEA Games, where it helped produce a simply electric atmosphere for Cambodia’s home games. Alas said environment did not lead to success.

The stadium, aside from the Morodok is also the biggest within the Kingdom, with CPL bosses undoubtedly hoping that as many of the 20,000 available seats will be taken up for the match. Aside from regular seating the stadium also offers covered, as well as VIP seating.


And the history of National Olympic Stadium?

The Morodok might be big and brash, but the National Olympic Stadium has history and pedigree. Its first use came in the GANEFO, or so called “Olympics of the Left”, the first international tournament prior to the SEA Games to be hosted in Cambodia.

You can read about GANEFO here.

But from a football point of view its original claim to fame was hosting North Korea in a playoff against Australia for a place at the 1966 World Cup. North Korea won and ended up making history by not only knocking out Italy, but going 3-0 up against Portugal in the semi-final, before the brilliance of Eusebio led to a 5-3 comeback.

This was the best result of an Asian team at a World Cup finals until South Korea went one further in 2002.

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