AFF 2023; A Closer Look At The Cambodian U23 Team

AFF 2023

The AFF championship will get underway in Thailand later today and for Cambodia there’s mixed feelings among fans on what we can expect and/or consider to be a successful tournament.

Club vs Country…

Head coach Felix eluded to the fact that some clubs were reluctant to (refused to) let players attend the trials due to as clash of fixtures and their own interests domestically. Hmmm.. (insert sarcastic tone, voice, expressions & gestures) Angkor Tiger away or represent my country? hmm tough one this. Let me think!

Why is this happening? Would the world have ended if there were no CPL games this weekend? We’ve only had 10 months to get this right, it’s not rocket science. Crown have their AFC game tonight at the same time, this would’ve been a tough decision for all parties involved and I can only hope that it was the player that was given the final decision.

Lots Of Talent To Be Excited About…

The final squad was announced just 3 days before the tournament and after a few days of ‘trials’ at the national center. This system of trials, the national center and supposed provincial centers, that I’ve never seen in action but am told are happening, is in-effective and needs work. However that’s a dilemma for another day as I’m determined to be positive about the squad selected and start getting excited about our chances.

The biggest news (apparently) was Loic Chan wasn’t selected despite playing in France and flying here for the trials. He obviously hasn’t read Nick Taylors guide to dual nationality and reintergration back to you second home. It’s a lengthy title and I heard he was trying to get it put on the back of his Svay Rieng shirt. Vishaka has nine players of the final twenty three, although three are registered with Prey Veng. Sok Lyhour is one of the most humble and polite boys I’ve ever met in my life and very talented. Nora similar. Those two in wide areas can do damage. Tina, Pich & Sokhay join up from Crown with Sinti & Ratanak from Svay Rieng. Ratanak is a baller, I love watching him. Three from Boeung Ket,  two more from Kirivong and then finally Toi (Eam Ratana) of ISI.

AFF 2023

The Games Ahead…

17th-Aug we face Brunei which is a game we should be winning comfortably. On the 19th we face Myanmar which is the toughest game of the group.  They killed us at SEA Games and Felix will need to be at this best to make sure he isn’t humiliated like his predecessor by the Myanmar coach. The final game on 21st against Thailand on paper is a loss but in reality this tournament is for their u19 squad so we have a chance.

Success-O-Meter… …

Scored 0 to 5, 0 being; absolute disaster and 5 being; WOW!!!

0- Absolute disaster: Not winning a game

1- Very Disappointed: 3rd Place

2- Something To Build On: Well Done; 2nd Place

3- Impressive: Winning the group

4- Amazing Work; Best Runners Up

5- OMG! WOW!; Playing in the final.

Pomroy Final Thought…

I am fully behind our national team and wish them the best of luck for the upcoming games. In Felix we have a great coach and someone to believe in. The game is growing here and CPL deserve a lot of credit for the work they’ve done. The FFC as well. I’m an outspoken person when it comes to football and I hope you understand that my opinions are based on what I believe is best for football development here in Cambodia. This is my home and one day I wish for my son to be playing for the national team of Cambodia. Su Su Kampuchea.

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