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Andres Nieto

One of the most consistent players in the league and indeed a pivotal part of why Phnom Penh Crown are the reigning champions. BPVE sat down with Andres Nieto to discuss his thoughts on his club, his future and the Cambodian game in general.

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Rafael Andres Nieto Rondon originally from Colombia had a somewhat journeyman career before ending up in Cambodia. Since arriving though goals and indeed trophies have been thick and fast for the froward.

In the latest of our CPL Stars series, we get his thoughts on the game.

Andres Nieto can you tell us a bit about your background?

Well, before arriving in Cambodia, I had the opportunity to play in South America and also in Central America,I came to Cambodia through my agent at that time.

Can you make history by going three in a row?

Andres. Nieto – why not?  We have the best team in Cambodia and we have the best game ideology.

Are there any teams you need to watch out for in the coming season?

Andres Nieto I’m not afraid of any team, but we clearly know that we will find very tight games, that’s why we have to work hard to get points

Are there any specific players we need to watch out for at Crown in the coming season?

Andres Nieto – Any player can be very important in each game.

You’ve consistently been one of the best players in Cambodia over the last few years, did easy did you find it easy to adapt to life in the country?

Andres Nieto –  At first, personal life was a bit strange for me since I changed 100% my cultures and language, but in terms of football it was a little easier because I came to a very humble club and they welcomed me in a very special way “they made me feel at home”

Is this the last stop in your career, or do you have plans to play in more countries?

Andres Nieto –  I don’t know that… at the moment I am only focused on Phnom Penh Crown.

You can follow Nieto and Phnom Penh Crown on their Facebook.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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