Angkor City FC Win First Match Under New Name

Angkor City FC

Angkor City FC have won their first match since rebranding from Next Step FC, after beating local Siem Reap side Kala FC 5-2 on home turf.

To read about the rebranding click here.

Angkor City FC 5 Kala FC 2

The start of this match was a little bit amateur hour, with the quite literal amateurs of Kala going 2-0 up against ACFC in the first 30 minutes. The match was pulled back into perspective though with Ghanaian Kwame bagging two goals to bring things level. Kwame was one of  the stars of the recent Kingdom of Football showcase.

Bruno then put City in the lead, yes that Bruno who scored that goal, two goals in 5 minutes in the second-half including an own goal duly settled the tie.

How is pre-season going?

According to coach Pomroy things could be better “The financial situation is that clubs don’t want to travel for friendly matches, so we are stuck to playing local sides”.

There was also the issue of the transfer window “We keep seeing it written that CPL 1 and 2 will start on August 5th, but without word there really isn’t much we can do. There are is only 19 days left in the transfer window and we want to sign players”.

A problem no doubt felt by other prospective members of the Cambodian Second League.

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