Angkor City FC Announce Recruitment Drive

Angkor City FC

Newly rebranded Angkor City FC have issued a press release regarding their recruitment drive for the coming season.

The statement details the players both foreign and domestic the club hope to sign for the full team, as well as the age qualifications for the various youth teams that the club runs.

To read about the rebranding to Angkor City FC click here

Press release in full;

Due to the high number of requests we’re have received, Angkor City would like to issue the following press release on details of recruitment for 2023/24 season. 

“We apologize to anyone that has tried to connect and didn’t receive a reply. We’re experiencing a high number of applications for players and hope the following will give you all the information you need”

Whilst we welcome applications and appreciate the desire to play for the club, both myself and chief scout Daniel Mills (and scouting team) have complied a database of players that we believe is one if the most comprehensive in the country. We have a list of top targets this summer and we will be looking to recruit once the outcomes of those are decided. 


– We’re still unsure of the regulations in regards to foreigners this season however we’re only looking for the following;

1x ASEAN player (Center Midfielder or Goalkeeper)



– Applications on hold due to high volume. 

ACADEMY U18 & U15 Boys & Girls

– Foreign Players, Born: (2008) or (2010,11,12)

– Khmer players: Born (2007) or (2010,11,12)

We will open up the application process after July 10 should the need arise.

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