Angkor City Football Club Sign First Partnership Deal with Wonderpass

Angkor City Football

Angkor City Football Club (ACFC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with leading tech innovators Wonderpass at their plush offices on Koh Pich in Phnom Penh, their first such deal under the ACFC moniker.

The MoU which was signed by Angkor City Chief-Media Officer (CMO) Gareth Johnson and  Tuy Chandara, CEO of Wonderpass, detailed a number of areas of cooperation between the two parties, as well as with sister company Haystack.

What does the MoU cover?

While the MoU lists a number of areas to work from, key parts covered included ticketing and transpiration for Angkor City FC, but also and excitingly potential for collaboration with Angkor City FC’s new green stadium project in Siem Reap.

This according to CEO Tuy Chandara could mean “With Wonderpass’s innovative eTickets service already making waves in the football sector, the company now sets its sights on redefining the modern stadium experience and envisions a future where stadiums become hubs of innovation, introducing state-of-the-art technologies in areas such as food services, parking systems, vendor machines, and sustainable practices in collaboration with football clubs.”

Wonderpass Revolutionizing Cambodia’s Live Events with Smart Ticketing Innovation. Through its innovative solutions, Wonderpass aims to reimagine how fans engage with events, making every moment seamless, unforgettable, and connected. With a focus on revolutionizing the sports and entertainment industries, Wonderpass strives to create immersive experiences that captivate and inspire.

The deal will also see Wonderpass and Haystack become part owners of Angkor City FC, again showing both companies long-term commitment to both the club and indeed sport within the country.

Why the partnership?

Speaking about the reasoning for the deal Mr. Dara explained “While drinks companies and the like often partner with clubs, there are currently no tech companies that have done so. We truly see the potential in linking tech to the modern day needs of running a football club and the mutual benefits that it will bring”.

And as well as being the first tech company to do so, it would also fit in with the corporate social responsibility ideals of Haystack, with a company spokesman stating “We believe in the development goals of Angkor City Football Club and want to do our part in helping to develop youth and community sports within Cambodia”.

Angkor City FC CMO Gareth Johnson also voiced his pleasure about the deal stating “We want to team up with companies that share our values and ethos. We feel that Wonderpass and Haystack both do that. The club are also extremely excited about the possibilities that teaming up with such a tech innovator will give us as a forward thinking 21st century football club”.

Angkor City FC were recently formed as a continuation and rebranding of Next Step FC and will take part in the 2023-24 Cambodian Second League, where many pundits see them as one of the favorites for promotion to the top flight.

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