Angkor City Fundraising Effort

Angkor City

Siem Reap based club, Angkor City, have started a fundraising campaign to help raise money for earthquake victims in Morocco.

Former Midfielder Unharmed… .

The earthquake hit Morocco late Friday night causing widespread devastation to the country. Former Angkor City midfielder Acyoub (Yab) is currently back home in the country and witnessed the horrific event as it unfolded. Thankfully the midfielder himself was unharmed but for so many this was not the case.

Trying To Support Anyway They Can…

Head Coach and founder of the football club Charlie Pomroy created the fundraiser on Sunday morning after several conversations with Yab and heading about the devastation. Pomroy said;

“Yab is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met and even after such an event he’s out there now trying to find ways to help. Most importantly he is safe and unharmed and so his family”

Donate To Official Pages…

The club has opened a GoFundMe page in order to help Yab and his local community but have urged donors without any personal connection to them to donate through the official channels. Pomroy said;

“We set up the page for Yab so that he could help people affected in his community. There are many villages in his province that have not been reached by rescue teams. Any money raised will go towards buying food and water for those villages. In no way do we want to be taking possible donations away from the organizations that will have bigger reach and impact. We simply want to show support to one of our ACFC family members. If you are not connected to the club or know myself or Yab personally you should donate through one of the official channels”

To help support you can click the link below

ACFC Support Former Player

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