Angkor Tiger Slump Continues with 7-0 Loss

Angkor Tiger

The Angkor Tiger slump has continued with them losing 7-0 at home to Nagaworld in the Cambodian League Cup qualifying round.

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Angkor Tiger 0 Nagaworld 7

Tiger started the game poorly, despite being on home turf with Suhan breaking the deadlock in the 12th minute, his first of four goals in what became an absolute rout.

And despite the stadium hardly being full to start with, many fans had left before Marcio sealed the smashing deep into injury time.

What has gone wrong?

Despite having arguably the best attack in the Cambodian Premier League (CPL) in 2022, the club failed to keep any of their forwards, with Iago and Gabriel moving to PKR Svay Rieng FC and Mouzinho going to Visakha.

The club have since been slow to rebuild and as things stand the team have no real “marque” players.

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What next for Tiger?

While many will blame the coach, or indeed the owners some context to their problems should be taken into account. In Alastair Heath the club have a manager who is genuinely passionate and plays exciting football, but no matter how good a coach is he can only work with the tools he has.

This then of course shifts the issue to the club owners, but again in their defense they are passionate about the club and have big long-term plans, such as building a new stadium.

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That the club have decided not to recruit heavily and spend money for the League Cup is more an inditement on the state of Cambodian football and its finances than a lack of recruitment from Tiger.

Moving forward the club should stick with Heath, but also provide him the budget and tools to prepare properly for what really matters, challenging for the 2023-24 CPL championship.

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This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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