Angkor Tiger Warn Clubs Need More Support

Angkor Tiger

Angkor Tigers chairman Akhiro Kato warned clubs “might go the way of Soltilo” if they did not receive more support from the CPL

The statement came after Kato was interviewed by Cambo Sport and comes after the club recently announced plans for a new stadium complex.

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Going the way of Soltilo

As first reported by BPVE Soltilo recently dissolved with statements from the club saying it was related to financial concerns. Since the dawn of the Cambodian Premier League era a number of clubs have gone bankrupt meaning there are actually less professional clubs than there were in 2021.

This comes despite the fact CPL chairman Satoshi stating he wanted a “club in every province”.

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What do Tiger want?

During the interview the Tiger chairman mentioned his various frustrations, with one being that he felt clubs needed tax breaks in order to survive. Specifically he stated “I understand that Cambodian football isn’t sustainable now”.

Many within Cambodian football have voiced similar concerns about financing, with the situation seemingly being that only clubs that have owners with deep pockets can survive and compete.

With this in mind Kato is simply.trying to make a statement rather than seriously considering winding up the club, in fact he even states he will “continue to struggle for the fans”. His concerns though are very real and if he as the owner decided it is not financially viable then the club folding is very much a possibility.

BPVE reached out to Angkor Tiger who confirmed their frustrations, but were also keen to point out their excitement for the coming season.

BPVE reached out to Angkor Tiger, but have yet to receive a reply. 

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