Asia Cup Qualifiers Cambodia U23 2-1 Mongolia U23

Asia Cup Qualifiers Cambodia U23 2-1 Mongolia U23

First Half: Cambodia 2-0 Mongolia

On a night when we needed everything to go our way, 99% of everything did. A blistering first half performance that saw us dominate a first half like never before. This young team is gathering momentum and will go into the game with Saudi Arabia knowing; they have chance of qualifying. Midway through the half Cambodia sat in the mid block, happy to allow Mongolia possession almost knowing they would have it back any moment. When the ball was given away cheaply Cambodia pounced and within two passes the ball was at the feet of Sor Ratana tapping into an empty net.

On half time with literally the last action of the half, the lead was doubled when Sa Ty finished coolly to round off a great 45 minutes.

Asia Cup Qualifiers Cambodia U23 2-1 Mongolia U23

Second Half: Cambodia 2-1 Mongolia

As we kicked off the second half everyone was in relaxed mode and in international football you will be punished for taking your foot off the gas. Mongolia pulled one back in the  55th minute, finally breaking through the Khmer defensive block that had been so solid in the first half. The khmers woke from their slumber and began to try and get control of the game but Mongolia were sensing blood in the water and coming at us. They had a little extra fight about them and this was that period where we had to be lucky and we were. A wrong bounce, touch or decision would’ve killed us but everything was going our way.  That was until the 88th minute. At the start I told you 99% and this was the one thing that went against us. Chan Sarapich seeing red means he’ll miss the game with Saudi Arabia.

Asia Cup Qualifiers Cambodia U23 2-1 Mongolia U23
What Does It Mean?

The game of cat and mouse with goal difference comes into play.

Lebanon lost to Saudi by 3 goals and we are 1 goal up giving a 4 goal swing to protect.

Lose by 3 or more and Lebanon win we’re finishing third and no chance to qualify.

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