Asian Cup Qualifiers: Preview

Asian Cup

The national team are once again in the spotlight at they prepare for the daunting task of the Asia Cup qualifiers this coming week in Saudi Arabia.

Felix Dalmas will be feeling optimistic after a good showing in recent games but will be also be realistic knowing the mountain of a task in front of them this week.

A closer look at the group…

We open against Lebanon, which for many is the battle for second place. Our record against teams from the middle east is woeful at best and we will need to be much better if we’re to take anything from this game. The second game is the supposed game against the weakest team in the group, Mongolia. However, anyone taking rankings as the indicator to how we will perform is going to be very surprised when they see Mongolia play. We’re higher than them in the rankings yes,  but they’re far from a pushover and in pot 4 they were the worst team you could draw. By the time we get to game three, if everything goes to plan, we can happily bow down to the power that is Saudi Arabia knowing we have six points already which would make us an almost certain qualifier as a best runner up.

Percentage Chance Of Finishing…

Group Winners: 10%

We would need a miracle.

Second Place: 30%

That opener against Lebanon will tell us everything.

Third Place: 40%

Most likely our finishing position this time round.

Fourth Place: 20%

A nightmare that could become reality of we don’t start right.

The Squad Looks Good… .

On paper there aren’t any changes that I can see that I would’ve made to this squad right now. Toi from ISI and Lyhour at Prey Veng were both excellent in Thailand but maybe this one was a little early for them. Ratanak from Svay Rieng is the lynch pin of the group. Dauna is a blinding talent and there is plenty to be excited about.

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