Skyfest 2023 Launches in Sihanoukville At Bay of Lights

Bay of Lights

On the back of the SEA Games eminent kite flyers from around the world accompanied by well known singers, the public and business leaders descended on Sihanoukville for its first international kite flying festival.

Aside from Cambodia, representatives from China, France, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam also took part in the kite flying events.

Well over 10,000 people attended over the two days from not just around Cambodia, but the world, with the $2.50 tickets definitely helping to stoke the crowd.

What the organizers thought?

Speaking at the inaugural event, Ly Thuch, Senior Minister & First Vice President, Cambodian Mine Action & Victim Assistance Authority praised Prince Holding Group for hosting the event, as well as helping to promote Khmer Culture.

“Nation’s glory is flying high and the kite masters from the region and from here are imbibing the spirit of togetherness.” The minister added.

The event happened just one day after the fabulous opening day of the 2023 SEA Games, and under the backdrop of a bustling Sihanoukville, which is also hosting all the Watersport based events of the games.

Skyfest 2023 Events

Aside from the kite flying there was the first-ever Khmer Art Sand Sculpture, as well as jet-ski events, a huge array of food and drinks, as well as a very comfortable family friendly environment.

And of course there was entertainment too with live music from renowned artists including Tep Boprek, Suly Pheng, Morm Picherith, Intan Andriana and Euan Gray, as well as powerhouse deejays, DJ Vutha, DJ Maily and DJ Chill Bill to name but a few.

Skyfest 2023 ran from the 6th to 7th May at Bay of Sands, a new development in Sihanoukville.

You can read more about Bay of Sands here.

The jamboree also provided a huge boost to the economy of Sihanoukville, with many hotels reporting full occupancy for the first time since before the pandemic.

Many visitors also opted to stay after to witness the sailing events for the SEA Games, which also began this week.

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