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If you’re reading this, then there is every chance you might be wondering not just who BPVE are, but what it actually stands for! We want to speak to the founders of this newest Cambodian news agency to see what it was all about.

Launches in late 2022 BPVE is the brainchild of Ex-SaxoBank CFD/FX Specialist Kelvin Law, as well as renowned Hong Kong company Vanguard Century. We visited the Cambodian My 2nd Home office to get the skinny on things.

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The story behind BPVE SPORT and BPVE.com?

When asked about why he had founded BPVE Kelvin replied simply “Love. In the past my financial career whilst successful kind of led me to lose my soul a little. BPVE and journalism has helped me get this back

And in this he felt Vanguard Century were the perfect partners as they were also focussed on sport development within Cambodia via their own sports charity fund and international exchange programs for local players, via BPVE SPORT – BPVE.com media and  the soon to be launched BPVE TV – BPVETV.com.

What does BPVE mean?

The written meaning of “BPVE” – The Brilliant Press Vendor,  with Kelvin further explaining that while the company had garner plans, their initial; focus would be on “Cambodian Sports News”

With regards to the seven key members of the BPVE team, Mr Kelvin shared the following story;

“Let me tell you a story first about The Seven Beautiful Madiens:

Soraren offered his daughters to be as follows, each of them are blessed with a function of theirs, which they will acquire in their next incarnations.

  1. Phouoibi: This maiden is to be the goddess of food and grains in her future incarnation.

  2. Heeleima (Emoinu): This maiden is to be the goddess of wealth and prosperity in her future.

  3. Apanthoibi: This maiden is to be the goddess of love and war in future.

  4. Nongthang Leima: This maiden is to be the goddess of thunder in future.

  5. Ereima: This maiden is to be the goddess of water in future.

  6. Yumjao Lairembi: This maiden is to be the goddess of architecture, civilization and prosperity in future.

A Letter from an Ex-SaxoBank CFD/FX Specialist who Found Sport News Venture BPVE.COM 2

7. Laisana: This maiden is to be the goddess, who marries Emperor Pakhangba in future”. 

Of the seven Mr. Kelvin described himself as #3 Apanthoibi – love in both current and the future, via sports and health, with him being chief of the “Team Seven”, with other members representing the vision from the goddess, to inject souls to BPVE.COM SPORT as  the newest sport media company in Cambodia.

Who are the “team seven” of BPVE

Mr. Kelvin Law, CEO, Chairman

Industry trailblazer and serial entrepreneur in Hong Kong, brings to the table years of excellence in financial services, management consulting and investment banking. Mr. Kelvin serves as the CEO of FXHILL GROUP LIMITED; current CEO of NINESWING ENTERPRISES LIMITED – the sports fashion brands of NINESWING.COM, DESPORTOL.COM. He is also a former representative of the Head of Institutional Business, China Region at SAXO BANK, a danish investment specialist, managing the business development of institutional liquidity businesses development and brokerage relationship management in CFD/ FX industry in both Hong Kong SAR and China.

Mr. Joshua Law, CCO, Vice Chairman, Compliance professional and serial entrepreneur in Hong Kong, current executive director of FXHILL GROUP LIMITED, group compliance officer of HORIZONS VISIONS LIMITED, who brings to the table excellence in financial services, management consulting, as well as compliance advisory skills.

Mr. Adam Cheng, COO, Vice Chairman

Corporate management and international relation professional in Cambodia, bringing to the table his excellence in management and human resource consulting.

Mr. Seth Wong, COO

Management consulting and FX specialist in both the United States and Australia, current Senior Vice President of HORIZONS VISIONS LIMITED, former Vice President of FXHILL GROUP LIMITED and been serving STONEX GROUP INC for the last 4 years, with his main areas of excellence being as a liquidity management provider as well as a payment services provider.

Mr. Matty Li, CIO

Present CEO & Chairman at The Hong Kong Youth Golf Association, General Manager of META PLASTIC COMPANY LIMITED whose main skills are related to graphics in atmosphere creation, experience and interaction.

Mr. Carlos Chan, CTO

Fine Garment-er and technology specialist in Hong Kong, currently the CEO of MIRACLE SMART LIMITED bringing to the table of excellence his skills in web2.0 + web3.0, NFT Consulting and Global Payment Technology Development.

Mr. Vincent Lau, CMO

Current President & CEO of ZITISON LIMITED, and Marketing and Advertisement (M&A) in Hong Kong, bringing to the tables skills in agency management and marketing vendor management.

The future of BPVE

And as for the future? As well as helping to develop sports within Cambodia, the company also has grander plans within the media arena, with planned extensions including BPVETV.com, as well as delving into wellness and the overall local news sector, with Mr Kelvin Law adding “We are starting with sports, but the overall aim is to become part of the overall news fabric of Cambodia, one step at a time”.

BPVE SPORT is currently managed and operated by Vanguard Century Ltd., a Hong Kong registered company.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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