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Club: Charity Stars FC (Ghana)

With the transfer window about to close clubs are racing to sign players and to be prepared for the upcoming season. One thing that’s for sure is there is no shortage of options when it comes to foreign talent looking for clubs in Cambodia. We caught up with Kwame, on the verge of signing with Angkor City FC, after coming from Ghana to play in the Kingdom of Football Showcase last month. Here’s what he had to say…

BPVE; Kwame can you begin by telling us a little about yourself please?

“I am Kwame Nii Afena, I was born in Accra-Ghana and I’m 21 years old. I am a praying man who is hardworking, disciplined and very humble. My final career started from a Colts team Destroyers F.C when I was young. I moved to a team called Charity Babies then was promoted to the stinker team Charity Stars F.C. They’re a semi professional team in Ghana with the mission to develop young players and send overseas. I played with them for two years winning the league and cup as captain of the team.

Kwame joined the Kingdom of Football showcase last month alongside 11 other young hopefuls from around the globe.

BPVE; What were the reasons you decided to join the showcase? and can you tell us more about what it was like?

“It was an opportunity that was presented to me by Charity Stars. They worked really hard to get evening done and to give me this opportunity. I wanted to repay their faith in me and excel on the showcase and hopefully signing for a club”

Kwame certainly hit the ground running, so much so that he attracted interest from Boeung Ket & Kirivong. Reflecting in the games played Kwame said

“I played against Prey Veng and Boeung Ket which we lost both. I didn’t get to play against Angkor City because I was on trial with another club. I was never told the reason it didn’t work out but I’m thankful for the opportunity that was given to me”

When the showcase finished Kwame still had 3 weeks to kill on his visa before he had to fly back.

BPVE; You’ve ended up training at Angkor City, how did that happen and what are your first impressions of the football club?

“Due to my hard work on the pitch Arran, CEO of KOF, recommend me to Charlie. They worked together before I believe. I came to join training with no expectation to sign but I just wanted to show my ability. I immediately felt well received with the players and management team. Everyone is really friendly and works hard. They’re a new club and very young so things are still being built and organized. This made me feel more focused positive to work hard and play in the club”

He has certainly done that with Charlie Pomroy confirming to BPVE that they’re in the process of applying for his visa. Pomroy was qouted;

“Kwame is a genuine boy and someone I want to work with. I see a lot of similarities to Yannick who I worked with at Soltilo. On the pitch he’s everywhere and has an arrogance and determination needed. However off the field they’re shy and respectful. We’re working towards getting his visa done which isn’t the easiest process African players”.

Kwame will join up with the first team on July 28th when they kickstart pre season. We asked one final question..

BPVE: Angkor City for the title?

“Hahaha. Yes please! With teamwork, positive mindset and hard work I believe we can do this. We have very good young players and a coach who makes you want to play for him. We can do it”

Only time will tell but here at BPVE we will be cheering if you do.

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