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Alex Kütt

Job Title: Organiser

Early this week we caught up with Alex Kutt, who will be lead organizer for this years Siem Reap Youth League. After a successful launch in 2022 they’re back this year with even bigger targets and an exciting future for the young players of Siem Reap.

1. Can you give us a little background on the youth League, how many teams? what age group? when it starts and who will feature?

Well Siem Reap Youth League will be the future for so many Kids and Young Players towards the Province of Siem Reap.  After a successful Kickoff last Year as SRYL was founded we had so many people asking to do this event again and to establish a proper League for the Youth Development that is based in Siem Reap. Currently the only Leagues are played are basically in Phnom Penh and not many people have actually seen how Siem Reap established their Football Programms in the past 7-8 Years. There are so many Team popping up recently the last 1-2 Years that there needed to be something done for them!

Last Year we had great success with 22 Team joined (320 registered Players) and it keeps on coming bigger and Bigger!

First we needed to see the engagement as with all this positiv Feedbacks and the wish to continue our League we established now 2 Leagues!

First what will kickoff by the end of April (30th April 2023) is our, Youth League Pro 11 – U15” what will give the opportunity to Teams joining that having an 11 a Side Team. 6 Teams will join the 1st Edition of that (ICF Cambodia, Plov Jivit, Next Step FC, FBIS (Future Bright International School), Siem Reap BC & Siem Reap United). It will give all the Teams a great opportunity to prove themself against very strong Teams from Siem Reap and to promote the League as we continue to grow!

The League will be played in 4 different Locations as all of the Teams will be having their own ‘home stadium” and choosing a Field for themself to be playing a total of 10 Games (5 Home & 5 Away) for the Youth League Champion Trophy.

But that’s not all for this Year as after this League finishes it will go straight into the next League what will be a 5vs5 Youth League with 100 Teams already confirmed registered today!!! Teams from U9 – U18 will join so as Ladys Team!!!

It will also be the biggest League Siem Reap Province has ever seen and takes a lot of organization!

2. Whats the mission of the league?

Siem Reap Youth League’s mission is to give the opportunity to everyone that is left out currently! As bigger Teams getting some Sponsors in for their 1st Team ( Senior Team ) but nobody pays attention to the next Generation and that’s what we are here for to support this Children (Boys & Girls) as they need us now! They are growing up so fast and if we don’t act now then it will be to late for them as every Child has only one in the lifetime and we need to support them to make the best out of it and to create more National Team Players from Siem Reap Province!!!

3. How have the pro clubs in Siem Reap reacted to the League?

So we want and we be fair to everyone that wants to join as we accept everyone and will always find a way to give the option to so many Children here as not only a few needs Sport Activity! EVERYONE needs to have the right to do physical activity and to get treated equally (it is not a matter who you are or where you come from or how old you are)

Note: FIFA – Fair Play – No Place for Racism!!!

As simple as it is Football is worlds biggest and most popular Sport + community and it need to be available for everyone in every age!

4. How is the League funded and is there opportunities for businesses to support? 

Currently the League is founded by itself and the Local Sponsors we can engage. If there is no found available then Siem Reap United will help out to provide necessary materials like: Trophy, Medals, Shirts, Shoes etc…

5. Is the League run alongside FFC or CPL?

We don’t know! If there are Regional Leagues in near future but as the Football is booming right now we need to use every Childs Golden Age to bring them up and shine doing these leagues in the next years as everyone wants to see Cambodia playing in the FIFA World Cup by latest 2040! So now it’s time to make this Dream available for every Child and to give everyone the chance to be part of it!

6. Any final message for the youth players in Siem Reap?

Football is a Sport for everyone!

Play Fair, Be Fair!

No place for Racism & No place to leave people onside especially Kids as they are our future!

Everyone should always think on their own Kids as my bet is that everyone that is involved has a child playing in this League, will play football and want to have a dream in the future as well to become a Professional Player like Messi or Ronaldo!

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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