BPVE Interview with Yannick


With Kirivong into the semi finals and giving everyone something to talk about we caught up with summer signing Yannick on why he moved and his targets for the season ahead.

1. How has life started at Kirivong?

Without lying to you it is God who is with us and he gives me the strength everyday. I also, on a personal level, think that I had already demonstrated with soltilo I needed a new challenge and by the grace of God I have this opportunity to sign in Kirivong  where I met someone who loves football (Sabon Venta) and who like me is someone demanding hardworking and humble. In addition he understands us and believes in us I think that’s the cause of our good start to cup but it’s like I said above it’s God’s grace

2. What attracted you to Kirivong?

I needed a new challenge but I had to go where I was needed and Kirivong was the team that had shown more interest in me suddenly it played a big role on today I am there and I feel good here.

3. How do you think you played in the League Cup?

For real we don’t play extraordinary football but we are filled with determination and desire.  On a personal level I put myself more at the service of my teammates and that’s the most important. We are a bit of an outsider in this tournament nobody could bet on us but today they are full to believe in us.

4. Can you go all the way?

Everything is possible we’re facing footballer like us they have 2 legs like us so everything is possible let see what will happen.

5. BPVE writer Charlie, who coached you at Soltilo, speaks very highly of you, why do you think that is?

This gentleman is a good person who has a vision of football that many in his country do not have. He is a little misunderstood and misinterpreted but he believes in my potential because and he has always believed it. I think that he is better placed to tell you why he does it but all i can tell you is that he saw what i was capable of doing and he never stopped believing in my potential

6. And finally your targets for the season ahead?

On a personal level by the grace of God I’m not the best yet but the next on the list in terms of the team we keep our feet on the ground we continue our progress calmly and we hope that by the grace of God we won’t be last this season like last season.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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