BPVE: Giving The Game Back To The Fans


“Fan interaction and engagement are vital to the development of sport, sport is vital to the development of society”

The CPL season is underway and BPVE were a feature media channel this weekend keeping fans up to date on everything that was happening,.

And Cambodia’s newest sports media group have big plans for the upcoming season with a vision to bring a total immersive experience for fans all over the country and beyond.

As well as giving you behind the scenes interviews and being the first to break top stories, BPVE will be bringing fans weekly competitions and games with the primary focus on football in the Kingdom, but also bringing action from all over the world. Sports tours to games, chances to meet your idols and one club even offering the chance to a fan to play a game for them.

Upcoming Games To Get Involved In…

Every week fans can challenge our football writing team of Gareth Johnson, Grant Carullo & Angkor City owner Charlie Pomroy and predict the weekly scores of CPL games, but of course the fun dies not stop there.

This weekend the EPL in England gets started and BPVE have their very own fantasy football league starting, which you can join here BPVE Superfan League. It has weekly prizes give sways and a cash pot of $10,000 to be given out over the course of the season.

Plans for a fantasy football league with khmer teams and players is already close to finishing and will launch later on the season.


Immersion Into The Game You Love

Over the next two weeks a data team is being assembled using fans to track and collect stats from all Cambodian football matches. Not just CPL, but also CL2, U18, U15, Women’s Leagues and charity run competitions. This will allow any fan anywhere in the world to check the stats of any football happening within the country. This feature will coincide with the launch of the BPVE Sports App later this month. Popular fan pages like Kingdom of Football are also on board helping us all see the funny side of football here in Cambodia.

The fan experience doesn’t stop there, working alongside Angkor Sport Tours fans will also have the chance for a truly unique experience, with Tom Starkey telling us “Angkor Sport Tours offers unique, immersive sports tours in Cambodia. We cover the Cambodian Premier & Second Division football leagues, Kun Khmer, and other major events, providing more than just watching games. Our all-inclusive tours include pre-match meet-ups, transportation, exclusive group seating, post-match drinks, prizes and more.

Guests will also have opportunities to interact with players and coaches, receive discounts on merchandise, and participate in tour-specific wagers with exciting prizes. We cater to a diverse clientele of local and expatriate sports enthusiasts, as well as tourists eager to engage with Cambodian sports. Join us for a exciting journey into Cambodian sports, offering great value and unforgettable experiences. For more information, join our Telegram group”.

What is clear is that BPVE are on a mission to give fans in the Kingdom an interactive experience and ensure that they have as much access as possible to game they love.

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