Asia Cup Qualifiers Cambodia 4-0 Macau

Cambodia 4-0 Macau

First Half: Cambodia 3-0 Macau

It was another very positive night for Felix Dalmas as Cambodia made light work of a stubborn Macau team. It was a game we expected to win but even the most optimistic Khmer fan can never be 100% certain of anything when it comes to national team football. Under the previous regiment we

we made many so called ‘easy nights’ very hard but thankfully with Felix at the helm it looked like it won’t be the case.

Pisoth got us underway with his blistering pace down that left hand side, the boy is unplayable at times. On 10 minutes we was moving so fast he ran ahead the ball, managed to adjust his body back and still got his shot on target albeit the side netting. Sieng Chanthea, attached the most famous Khmer footballer there is right now, opened the scoring with a powerful header after good work down the right hand side. Chanthea arrived late in the box and headed home with conviction. The second was a stroke of luck mixed with a great finish. A driven pass into the Chanthea was miss hit, bounced off two players and still somehow into the path of Chanthea free on goal, he cooly slotted home to make it 2-0. Cambodia had found a nice rhythm and Macau couldn’t even get shot on target. The third game just on half time and only Vidal knows if he meant it. A cross? A shot? In-between? whatever it was, it looped over the goalkeeper, off the back post and in.

Second Half: Cambodia 4-0 Macau

When teams are so dominating in a half of football and the game is seemingly over at half time, it’s impossible to expect the same level of performance in the second half. We came out with less urgency and a whole host of subs would never allow us to get back into a the swing of it in the second half.

Macau had a brief spell of ten minutes where they began to threaten but without causing too many problems. The fourth goal came on 80 minutes and was a perfect end to a good night’s work.

What Does It Mean?

There will be bigger tests and more challenging games coming down the line later in the year but for now we can only beat what’s on front of us and we did just that. Under Felix we’re looking like a side that could do damage. Keep up the great work.

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