Cambodia Pick up 2 Golds, But Slip to Third in Table

Cambodia Pick up 2 Golds

Cambodia picked up two more gold medals on Friday (12th), one of which being the gold at the snooker doubles against Malaysia in what is being called one of the biggest upsets in the history of local snooker

Despite the haul Cambodia dropped to third place in the overall rankings with 58 gold medals, as opposed to Vietnam who have 71.

Where have Cambodia won medals?

As the morning of May 13th, Cambodia have won a total of 58 gold medals which includes 10 in Vovinam, 8 in Kun Bokator, 14 in Kun Khmer, 4 in Chinlone, 3 in Jiu-Jitsu, 2 in Soft Tennis, 2 in E-sports, 2 in Triathlon, 2 in Cricket, 2 in Pencak Silat, 2 in Billiard, 1 in Ouk Chaktrang (Chess), 1 in Karate, 1 in Basketball, 1 in Wushu, 1 in Badminton, 1 in Athletics and 1 in Fin Swimming.

And although many of the medals have come in what have been called “Khmer sports”, the total of 168 (and counting) is already their best appearance to date by far and is unlikely to be matched for a number of years.

Can Cambodia finish top?

With just four days remaining anything is possible, particularly with sports such as Basketball and tennis still offering a firm chance for Cambodian medals.

Realistically though the top two places are likely to be fought over by regional heavyweights Vietnam and Thailand. Regardless though should Cambodia even come third it will mark a huge success for the host nation.

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