Cambodian Athletes Win Gold and Silver in AK2-Individual at the 32nd SEA Games

Cambodian Athletes

In a momentous achievement for Cambodian athletics, Sao Rith Chesta (known as AhMab) won the gold medal and Srun Chanthoeun (known as KBEM) won the silver medal in the AK2-Individual event at the 32nd SEA Games.

Cambodian Athletes

AhMab displayed exceptional skill and precision throughout the competition, hitting every target with ease. He maintained his lead throughout the event, impressing the judges and the audience alike with his accuracy and composure.

Cambodian Athletes

KBEM, too, put up a strong fight and performed brilliantly throughout the event. Despite facing tough competition from Thailand and Malaysia, he managed to secure the second-place, bringing home the silver medal for Cambodia.

The AK2-Individual event is one of the most challenging events in the SEA Games, requiring tremendous skill, focus, and accuracy. Participants need to hit targets at varying distances, with the target’s size and placement changing constantly to test their abilities.

The victories of AhMab and KBEM are a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by these athletes in training for the SEA Games. They have made Cambodia proud with their performance and will undoubtedly inspire young athletes across the country to pursue their dreams.

The Cambodian Esports Federation has congratulated both athletes on their historic achievement and praised their hard work and dedication. The achievement is expected to inspire a new generation of Esports athletes in Cambodia and attract more attention to the growing industry.

The athletes have expressed their gratitude to their coaches, teammates, and supporters for their unwavering support throughout the competition. Their triumphs in AK2-Individual will go down in history as one of Cambodia’s most remarkable moments in the 32nd SEA Games

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