Cambodian League to be Featured in Football Manager for the First Time

Football Manager

The Cambodian Premier League and the Cambodian Second Division are to be featured on the legendary soccer management simulator “Football Manager” in a surprising move that will no doubt help raise the profile of the domestic game.

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What is Football Manager?

Originally launched as Championship Manager in the 90’s the game has since rebranded and become the number one football management simulator by far in the world. In the game players take charge of the team of their fancy and then try to make them as successful as possible.

The game is not only extremely popular, but is also a real pop culture phenomenon being mentioned in TV shows such as the Inbetweeners, as well as its addictiveness famously ending more than job career!

What does it mean for Cambodian football?

Having the game included in the league will mean that every Cambodian club and domestic based player will be in the database, as well as gamers being able to manage a Cambodian side through domestic season.

This will mean that statistics, as well as photos will need to be painstakingly collated, something that is being done by the data team at Forza, who are involved with Next Step FC of CPL 2.

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The move will not only potentially showcase Cambodian football to a global fanbase, but also potentially to sponsorship as well.

Speaking to BPVE about his upcoming fame and what it will mean for Next Step FC Coach Charlie Pomroy told us “I grew up playing this game, so it is real honor to not only be featured, but also help with the collection of data. From a personal point of view I hope it will help raise the profile of Next Step FC”.

Football Manager is available on multiple platforms, which includes PC, Mac, as well as Mobile Gaming.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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