Cambodian Premier League Opens Applications for Media Accreditation

Cambodian Premier League

The Cambodian Premier League has opened applications for media accreditation according to a release on their official Telegram channel.

The statement invites applications from “journalist and photographers who wish to participate[ate in the Cambodian Premier League on August 5th 2023”. The CPL are set to draw the fixture list for the upcoming CPL 1 season on June 30th.

You can read about the June 30th draw here.

Currently there has yet to be a final decision on if and when the CPL 2 season will start, or indeed what the format will be.

How do you apply for Media Accreditation for the Cambodian Premier League

Applications are sought through the official CPL portal with each company, or organization restricted to 4 (four) participants.

The portal, which is in English requires applicants to submit valid photos, identity card, employee card, as well as a Covid-19 vaccination.  It is not clearly stated if foreign news organizations will be allowed to register.

The deadline for applications is July 3rd 2023.

You can access the CPL portal here.

What is the media environment going into the 2023-24 season?

Media wise Cambodian football, particularly from an English language perspective is stronger than it has ever been. There are now key social media sites such as Kingdom of Football, as well as ourselves at BPVE giving dedicated football coverage, alongside the more established and older print media.

You can check Kingdom of Football here.

It was also recently announced that BTV would also resume broadcasting of the top flight after a one year hiatus. You can check out that story here.

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