How do I Watch The Cambodian Premier League Live?

Cambodian Premier League Live

Following the record crowd at the Cambodian Super Cup many are now asking how they can watch the Cambodia Premier League live. Well it turns out watching football in Cambodia is not all that hard.

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Where can I watch the Cambodian Premier League on TV

Last year this was basically impossible, but now there is a deal with BTV it is! Th channel is on most cable packages, but as you might have guessed it is in Khmer.

You can also watch via streaming across various platforms, which includes Facebook.

Are there any bars showing the Cambodian Premier League?

Sadly very few, particularly in expat land. Some smaller Cambodian joints might have it on, but from a western bar point of view there really is just the Big Easy.

No fixed schedule yet, but they are planning to show the Phnom Penh Crown game if nothing else.

Hod do I watch the Cambodian Premier League live at the match?

Here you have pretty much two options, rock up yourself like billy no mates and buy yourself a ticket. This can be done in advance, but is not needed. You can select your level of comfort via the price which ranges, but is likely just a few dollars.

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There is also the option of joining a “football tour” where drinks, ticket and even transport are also included.

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Which provinces can I watch the Cambodian Premier League live?

The vast majority of clubs are based in Phnom Penh, but Takeo, Siem Reap and Prey Veng are also represented in the top-flight.

In CPL 2, or the Second League there are also teams from Sihanoukville and Kandal joining the fray. The difference though between tier 1 and 2 is still quite stark.

And that is how you watch the Cambodian Premier League live in 2023.

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