How to Watch the 2023 Cambodian Super Cup

Cambodian Super Cup

Finally the football season is upon us, with the CPL starting on August 5th. Before that though we have the traditional curtain raiser, the Cambodian Super Cup.

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What is the Cambodian Super Cup?

The format of the Cambodian Super Cup, as with most international leagues sees the league champions play against the national cup winners, in this case the Hun Sen Cup to quite literally kick off the season.

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Originally founded as the CNCC Charity Cup it was played just once, in 2017 with Boeung Ket beating Tiffy Army 3-0. The tournament was then resurrected as part of the rebranding of the C-League to the Cambodian Premier League, which for the most part has since seen interest in the competition rise.

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Last season saw Phnom Penh Crown defeat Visakha 2-1 at the Old Army Stadium, one of the more quaint and historic stadiums within Cambodian football.

Phnom Penh Crown having already won the League Cup could feasibly achieve a clean sweep this season.

How Can I Watch the 2023 Cambodian Super Cup?

The best way of course is to go and watch the game live, although as of now the ground where it will be played has not been announced. It is though unlikely to be at Phnom Penh’s RSN Stadium, or Prince Stadium, home of Visakha FC.

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This leaves the Old Army Stadium, or even the National Olympic Stadium as possible venues for the match, which will be held on Sunday July 30th.

Obviously ticket prices have not been announced, but usually watching football in Cambodia is a fairly cheap affair, starting at round just a few dollars, going up depending on the amount of luxury you desire.

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How can I watch the 2023 Cambodian Super Cup on TV?

With BTV having again secured hosting rights it is hoped that the game will be broadcast live on Cambodian TV, meaning you could watch it from home. But, of course who wants to watch a football game from home when you can watch it in a bar?

Sadly despite English Premier League matches being shown at bars throughout the country finding domestic CPL games is a little bit harder. So far the only establishment to have officially announced that they will be showing the match live is The Big Easy on Street 172 with bar manager Jack Dedman telling us “We will be showing the Super Cup here at the Big Easy. We also plan to show CPL matches throughout the upcoming season”.

You can check out their Facebook page here.

And that is how to watch the 2023 Cambodian Super Cup, of course BPVE will be covering the match live.

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