Football Federation of Cambodia Chief Sao Sokha Announces Resignation IF Cambodia Fail to Qualify

Sao Sokha

Football Federation of Cambodia Chairman Sao Sokha has announced that he will resign as chairman of the organization should the hosts fail to qualify for the semi-finals. The news comes after Cambodia were held to a last minute draw by the Philippines last night.

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Previously the FFC had set getting to the semi-finals as a bare minimum for the games, something that now hangs in the balance following the last gasp draw in what was essentially a “6 pointer”.

Have there been highlights?

Should Cambodia not qualify, it will no doubt be a huge setback for football within the Kingdom, but that is not to say that massive improvements have not been made.

During the reign of Sok Sokha there have been many changes to Cambodia football, not least the introduction of the Cambodian Premier League, which has seen huge improvements to the domestic league.

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And the Honda Reign

His reign as FCC chairman has also of course coincided with the reign of Honda as national coach. Honda of course has not only continued his playing career whilst national manager, but has hardly spent any time in the country.

This has brought into question the wisdom of having a “free coach” rather than someone like Felix Dalmas who actually cares about the national team.

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Should feature though mean that Sao Sokha should quit? I have personally met the man at FFC functions and it is clear that he is very passionate about the national team and their progress, but alas passion is not always enough.

And while failure of the national team cannot clearly all be blamed on him, the buck does have to stop somewhere.

The ideal scenario of course is that we go through and he does not have to quit. Should we not do so though, he has done the right thing by falling on his sword.

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