CLC Group B Finishes In Dramatic Fashion

Angkor Tiger

This wasn’t football!! You could be forgiven for thinking you were watching a hard hitting Khmer drama on Sunday as events unfolded causing tears, heartbreak and embarrassment.

Everything was going to plan…

Forty five minutes on the clock and much like a Khmer drama or was rather underwhelming and all very predictable. Naga were quietly going about dismantling a woeful Angkor Tiger (More on them later) and Svay Rieng were up against ISI and although only 1-0 they were in control and cruising into the semi finals. Then when they made it 2-0 it was done. I was done, anything had to be better than watching this same old Sunday afternoon nonsense.

The drama writers of Cambodia had other ideas..

Beep beep beep!! My phone notified me that there’s another goal scored. Tiger were now six down at home to Naga. I switched back on to see the Tiger chairman looking much like a father whose daughter has bought home the boy from the rice fields with no money and no prospects. It doesn’t matter if she loves him, he knows it looks bad on him and he needs to do something.

Meanwhile across country ISI pull one back. Things were getting interesting because the ISI fans seem less interested in Nick Taylor now and more on their own team causing an upset. Could the unthinkable happen?

Yes it could! ISI produced the equalizer and with Naga bashing in a SEVENTH goal at Tiger it meant Naga were now heading to the semi finals and Svay Rieng were limping out of the tournament.

When the final whistle blew the Svay Rieng players fell to their knees whilst ISI celebrated like they’d won the league.

Surely there been enough twists?

Like any great Khmer drama just when you think they can’t possibly make any more twists, it did just that. At the front of Hanumam the Tiger owner was crying tears of defiance angrily typing a facebook post apologizing to all his fans for making them angry citing this is the club policy of developing youth. All he has done is highlight that is the one area of the club they have not done anything about. Across town Soltilo, Siem Reap FC, Next Step and even SR United are doing more for youth development. Tiger put a load of kittens out to get slaughtered and Alistair will take a lot blame he shouldn’t. The very fact none of the u18 team were being used shows his lack of faith in the system at the club.

And then one more big reveal…

Sunday night was settling in and then the news broke that Svay Rieng and Connor had parted company was revealed.

For the exclusive on that story check out lead sports correspondent Gareth Johnsons piece on Connor next move.

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