Coach Honda “If I play we will win”

Coach Honda
Coach Honda
Coach Honda

Failed Cambodia coach Keisuke Honda has caused uproar by suggesting not only that he should be naturalized as a Cambodian citizen, but that if he wash would pick himself and Cambodia would thus win the SEA Games.

This at least was the story pushed by legendary Facebook page Kingdom of Football, BUT we all should at least know what the date is…..

Yes this was an April fools joke.

You can check out Kingdom of Football here.

Did people believe it?

Yes many people did, quite simply because the reign of Honda, which is soon to come to an end has been a bizarre one at best. Honda technically acted as a volunteer, which meant him managing while still playing and not watching all that mycg Cambodian football.

His reign is due to come to an end after the current SEA Games.

Who will be the next Cambodian manager?

This is still in the rumors stage, but is set to be announced at a press conference tomorrow (April 2nd) at the Vattanaac Capital building in {Phnom Penh.

BPVE of course will be there to cover the event.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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