With Just 19 Days of the Transfer Window Left  Will CPL 2 Take Place?

CPL 2 Rules

While outlets such as Khmer Times report that CPL 2 will start on August 5th, there has still been no official word from the Cambodian Premier League and Satoshi. So, will it actually take place?

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Back and forth of CPL 2

Quite literally for weeks now there have been rumors, meetings planned and cancelled, but as of yet no official words on if there will be a second-tier this season.

Everyone assumes there will be, and we also know roughly what it might be, 4 real clubs, 3 reserve clubs and Bati. As of now though these are merely unsubstantiated rumours.

And with just 19 days left of the transfer window, the matter is causing problems for clubs.

What will the format be?

Second in concerns about “if”  it will take place, are indeed how it will take place. Will there be age restrictions for example and will foreigners be allowed? For obvious reasons this is causing grief to those trying to plan for the season.

Speaking to BPVE Coach Charlie Pomroy of Angkor City FC stated “We have foreigner players already at the club, as well as others we’d like to sign, but we don’t know if we can, or even how many we can sign”.

The CPL recently brought in a 4+1+1 rule, which you can read about here.

The rumor mill for tier-2 has been 3+1+1, but some have even suggested no foreigners being allowed at all, which is what is making clubs not only jumpy, but hesitant to sign any new players, not just foreigners.

And with a decision all but impossible before Monday at the very earliest, clubs will be left, much like last year with just days to prepare for the season.

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