CPL 2 Creeps in with a Whisper


With CPL 2 starting in just two days not only are fans and clubs slightly bemused by the lack of information and exposure, but it seems that even Satoshi and the Cambodian Premier League are not exactly sure what is going on.

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A lack of finances and support

In 2012 the Cambodian Second Legate consisted of 12 clubs, with only three of them still left standing after a slew of clubs went bankrupt, while the rest dropped out, or down a tier due to financial reason.

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With this in mind you’d have thought the league would have provided more money to cubs, but instead expenses for the division have actually been decreased. And not just that, bit expenses are provided late and after the fact. Not a problem if you are big club, but when you exist match to match this is not ideal. As one club owner put “They have done great with raising exposure for the CPL, but CPL 2 just feels like an afterthought. Once again not only is money not enough, but we don’t even know if matches will be shown”.

Lack of support means lack in sponsorship

And it is this lack of support that is snowballing the clubs into further trouble. Essentially a lack of sponsorship and indeed coverage has made it all but impossible for second tier clubs to get sponsors.

How can a club sell, or even price a shirt sponsor, or get people to buy billboard adds at the stadium if said sponsors do not know if anyone will actually see their adds.

Sadly the league cannot even give answers to these issues, with the CPL stating when asked if games would be shown, or if clubs could stream the matches that they “did not know yet”. Not an ideal answer three days before kick-off.

As things stand though CPL 2 will start on Saturday and we can hope that it will both bring in fans and thus sponsors, the radio silence and indeed lack of support from the CPL makes it seem that we may well be in for the same problems that plagued CPL 2 during the last season.

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