CPL 2 in Disarray just 5 Days Before Start


Clubs and fans alike are complaining about a lack of communication, difficulties in registration and overall disarray with regards to the upcoming CPL 2 season, which is slated to start in just 5 days time.

What’s the plan for CPL 2?

CPL 2, or the Cambodian Second League is slated to start on September 16th, with fixtures having already been drawn. The problem for clubs though is that fixtures seem to be the only thing that is in place, with clubs struggling with the bureaucracy of registration, as well as complaining about a multitude of other things.

These include lack of finances being provided to clubs, no clear answer on if CPL 2 will be shown on TV, as well as a general lack of excitement and buildup to the competition.

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Why the lack of excitement for CPL 2

Lack of excitement might seem like a broad statement, but when you consider the pomp and creamy currently being given to the CPL as well as the coverage CPL 2 received circa 2022 and the point rings true. Currently there have been next to no statements about the upcoming games from the league, which the clubs are well noticing.

Speaking to BPVE about the level of “excitement” Charlie Pomroy of Angkor City FC stated “Let’s face it, given the brilliant marketing and exposure of cpl this year, it feels like once again CL2 is an after thought. 7 days to go and I’ve not seen posts about fixtures, no media coming to clubs, no news on tv coverage or even one of those fancy meetings in phnom Penh with all the captains in their kits. We’re not expecting the same level as cpl because the return isn’t going to be the same but when you see the level that can be added achieved it’s so hard not to feel demotivated and questioning what’s the point? “

This was point further echoed by those at Siem Reap FC, as well as National Police, who also voiced concerns about finances, exposure for the league, as well as the lack of coverage.

Despite this though clubs and fans at least were still excited with Peter Koo of Life FC stating “This will be the first ever professional match to take place in Sihanoukville and the excitement is real. `We are really honored that our first match is against such a great club as Angkor City FC”.

One can only hope that the excitement from clubs and fans is enough to drive the division and that we do not end up with the same problems as last season.

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