CPL 2 In Further Disarray


The plot has further thickened with regards to the future of the Cambodian Second League after Visakha FC and hopefully Tiffy Army (yet to confirm) joined ISI in entering their reserve teams, the problem though is that the suspected format might well put off the actual professional clubs.

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What is the suspected CPL 2 format?

Theoretically this would mean 8 “clubs”, 4 professional ones, namely Next Step FC, National Police, Life FC and Siem Reap FC. The rest would consist of National Academy, the under 18’s side of the national centre of excellence, as well as the reserve sides of ISI, Visakha and hopefully Tiffy Army.

This would theoretically make for a perfect 18 game season, although it is being suggested that teams will play 3 times, a format that always results in fair fixtures.

According to our sources the reserve and developmental sides, who now largely make up a quorum of the division are insisting on no foreign players and a restriction on players over the age of 22. This would mean clubs only being allowed to play 2 “overage|” players in each match.

What has been the clubs reactions?

BPVE spoke to Next Step FC who stated “Putting such restrictions without raising money provided to clubs would throw into serious doubt our ability to take part”. An unnamed source from Siem Reap FC voiced similar concerns, while National Police, who finished above “promoted” Prey Veng last year have stated they will most likely not field foreign players due to financial constraints.

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And the real elephant in the room? Instead of the promised expansion of the CPL this puts us at 5 less professional clubs than in 2021 and a league that is in regression not expansion.

It would also, if true mean that CPL 2 will be following the same rules as the pre-CPL Cambodian Second Division, rather than have the excitement that was provided last year.

Sadly if the CPL had done more to support clubs such as EDC FC and Asia Euro United, while simultaneously organizing reserve leagues in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (as Smart did) then we might not be in this mess.

Yes the league might be “coming soon”, but exactly what we might get is anyones guess right now.

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