CPL Boasts Record Viewership in 2023

CPL Boasts Record

The Cambodian Premier League has announced record opening month stats for people watching football within the Kingdom, according to a Facebook release from the competition.

The report states that during week 1 of the CPL in 2022 just over 700,000 viewed matches in the league, which tapered of to 371,000 for week four of the competition.

In comparison almost 1,25 million viewed week on of the new CPL season, with week 2 almost hitting 1.4 million and weeks 3 and 4 being above one million.

A success for the league?

Whilst undoubtedly the success can partly be attributed to the CPL, the fact that league is receiving more coverage from BTV has certainly helped raise the profile of the sport within the Kingdom.

To read about the BTV deal click here.

Sadly whilst the increased views are good news some serious doubts still remain regarding the funding provided to clubs. As things stand the league still does not have a sponsor, with many clubs also comparing that this has led to a lack of expenses being provided for clubs for matches.

This is particularly apt for clubs in CPL 2 who are being provided with $650 for away match expenses, expenses that often end up being in excess of $1000 per match.

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