CPL Hosts Marketing and TV Workshop in Phnom Penh

With the Super Cup and the new league season just around the corner, representatives from each team gathered together this Tuesday to discuss about job roles, marketing & TV broadcasting for the coming season.

Mr Ron Vitou, the Cambodian Premier League (CPL) Head of Competition began the day. Talking about the vital role of the local general coordinator in the success of each football game. As the liaison between each competing teams the coordinator ensures smooth operations on and off the pitch, manages logistics and coordinates with officials from the CPL and each team. Their responsibilities include venue management, scheduling, team accomodation, and ensuring compliance with regulations. M. Vitou values the expertise and dedication of local coordinators in delivering a seamless and memorable football game experience for players, fans and organisers alike.

The next part of the meeting introduced Mr. kheng Sokheng, Head of CPL Media, to discuss the crucial role of a Local Media Officer (LMO). The LMO must excel in facilitating live broadcasts, making sure there is coherent communication between journalists and production teams. With the LMO’s exceptional organisational skills, he or she coordinates schedules, manages resources, and ensures smooth operations. Their expertise in media management enables them to create a productive work environment, fostering collaboration and delivering high-quality news coverage to the audience. Their dedication and leadership are invaluable in the fast-paced world of journalism.

After the lunch break saw the CPL Head of Marketing, Mrs. Tep Phany Chamnar speak about the strategic promotion and branding of the Cambodian football league. With each club’s marketing team expertise, they should develop comprehensive marketing plans, implement effective advertising campaigns, and engages with sponsors and partners to maximise exposure and revenue. Mrs. Chamnar offered some innovative ideas and market insights that can drive fan engagement through various channels, including social media, events, and community outreach. She stressed about everybody’s efforts contribute to the growth and popularity of the Cambodian football league, both domestically and internationally.

The last part of the meeting seen Mr. Kheng Sokheng return, delivering an insightful presentation on TV broadcasting on behalf of the Referee Department Representative. With his extensive knowledge, he highlights the importance of clear and accurate visuals for officiating decisions. Mr. Sokheng emphasised the need for advanced camera angles, replay systems, and real-time communication to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of refereeing. His presentation aimed to improve the overall quality and fairness of televised football matches.

To finish the day the representatives of each club getting to know one another and share ideas in what overall, was a very captivating as well as informative day.

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